• Pizza Bufala

    Pizza as it should be
Ricotta - Fico - Prosciutto
Pizza as it should be

Pizza Napoletana

Visit Hout for an amazing Neapolitan pizza from the wood fired oven. We work with a special dough. A good dough is the foundation of a good pizza.

Following Verace Pizza Napolitana guidelines we are only using the best tipo 00 flour, water, fresh yeast, salt and a bunch of patience, love and time to make the tasteful bottom. We top it with high quality products from Campania. The beautiful oven creates a fresh and juicy pizza with thin bottom and airy doughy crust in an instant.  

Also for the extensive antipasti menu, refreshing Birra Moretti and local beers, a great glass of Italian wine and desserts with limoncello you should visit Hout!

Good to know: our restaurant is pin-only.

Our doors are open for you!

Feel the Vibe & Eat the Pizza

We can't wait to spoil you with all the goods from our kitchen :)

Naples, a city with a rich history.

The port city of Naples is bustling and busy. With 4.4 million inhabitants, it is a full city. The city has a rich history, its own dialect, rich art and culture and world-famous gastronomy. Naples occupies a prominent position in the field of food and drink. Many typical Italian dishes originate from this city or have become known through Naples. Naples is the birthplace of espresso and possibly pizza. Possibly the most famous dish are the Neapolitan pizzas. These are included on the Unesco Intangible Cultural Heritage List.

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